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January 14, 2014, 19:49

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My life on her

she said that it's lil bit demonic... n i like it

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I Love her outfits I so want to have them :-) :-)


This song badd smiley hunni u keep doin ur thing haters fuckkkkkkk off n go


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The video focuses on inner beauty and states "beauty lies benath" and yet all the girls in the video are thin and physically attractive. Also, they are not very diverse looking in terms of race or ethnicity. However I do love the message of the video, and Selena is amazing in every way.

Hi, this past February my friend Jack passed away. He was 12 and in 6th grade. I did piano covers of Hall of Fame (Jack's song) and Hallelujah to honor Jack's life. I posted them on my channel Im going to try to get one million views for Jack. Please help me by going on my channel and watching those two videos. Thanks for reading and please spread the word! Im calling this Jack's Project, because I don't want him to be forgotten JD 2/7/13 <3

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She is still hurting. People can be so quick to Judge Christian fall every is viagra by prescription only

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Thank y’all!

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Remember Me?

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