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June 04, 2013, 13:59

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i made a antibully song called tears i am trying to raise awareness of bullying and do the best i can to put an end to it thru my voice the channel is dramm362 rap name is white thunder ft. pale child & billy the kidd it is a deep song that should touch your heart truly hope yall enjoy my goal is to get better wit each track and one day become one of the rappers who brings true hip hop bacK!

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Got a trailer for the video before the video. Sloppy work Vevo. cheap viagra

Forgive me for disturbing. But I'm a 17 year old singer trying to use every can you buy viagra without prescription :)

cheap viagra I love selena <3

Know a LiveShowBR Channel

te amo selena xd

Not only is she hot as hell, she snapped on this track, get em gurl :P

Beautiful girl. Good song

I know i'm not professional but i put my soul on my videos cheap viagra

I know i'm not professional but i put my soul on my videos online pharmacy It would mean the entire world to me if you guys could go check out my channel and watch my covers :) I play the piano and guitar, I will be doing acoustic covers after summer.

And nothing gets me more hyped than making music! It’s my passion!

i wanna meet sel shes my idiol


Love this song :) cheap viagra

I love you selena im your biggest fan online pharmacy order Can you PLEASE help him along his long road and check out his channel and

Can't belive you texted me (: OMFG. BEST DAY EVER .! ILYSM SELENA GOMEZ YOURE THE BEAUTY C: cheap viagra Happy birthday Selena Gomez ... more blessings to come and wish you all the best from Philippines. ..

Said her name was Rebecca,and her daddy was a trainer,said i had a dirty

Vaya pego de canción cheap viagra at first she said twerk it out O-o


she makes Justin happy, if you were a true fan you would accept his happiness and accept her.

Remember Me?

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