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January 28, 2014, 06:13

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omg the shark scene is gorgeous!

What a stupid song for defectives

i i love u like roadside slut baby...oh gomess..

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I just realize that her old songs were better. The new songs sucks such as Come & Get it. The lyrics suck in that song, but listening to Who Says sounds perfect! It made me cried...

@Jose Rivero. I don't like todays music, but I also strongly disagree with cheap cialis 5 mg

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Happy birthday Selena

"Travel through the land and observe how He began creation.

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life walk all over us; you just gotta stand up, be true to the "standard" cheap cialis 5 mg great song.........selena <3 <3 LIKE my FB PAGE the name is stop hurting selena gomez

Do y'all not like this video because she actually has clothes on?

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