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December 08, 2013, 20:32

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cover of this I did! I would love to be a successful artist someday, and

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Laughing about B.A.P. ! Fuck this shit! what the hell make them so great


i made a antibully song called tears i am trying to raise awareness of bullying and do the best i can to put an end to it thru my voice the channel is dramm362 rap name is white thunder ft. pale child & billy the kidd it is a deep song that should touch your heart truly hope yall enjoy my goal is to get better wit each track and one day become one of the rappers who brings true hip hop bacK!

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Personally, this is way better than "Diamonds".

I went on a date with Selena Gomez! Don't believe me? Go check out my video about it! :D is viagra sold over the counter

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I am not the most talented girl in the world but this is a beginning and that maybe you will like it :)

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