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June 15, 2013, 10:15

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She is perfect

Hello everyone! :)

Yeah Miley's a grown woman now. Make your money and your music girl! cialis vs cialis

i love this song super viagra review I got the I of the Tiger

H cialis vs cialis I love the song so much selena

wtf? you are really stupid

Farzana6283 stfu! Call yourself a fan! selanas not a baby, she's a grownass woman! she fight her own fights! And when she does a song and music video, do you not think she thought through wat all the haters would say!? Now before ALL you 'fans' go apeshit at me, im a true fan of Selena Gomez, and this is NOT a 'hate' comment, it's thick twats being overprotective, common sense, and KNOWLEDGE

I don't like it D:

ech o niwo selena gomez ;) I love that girls voice its cute cialis vs cialis

And how are they talking english without, the accent? It doesnt have a free viagra GUYS, HUGE LION - What happens when a lion and a tiger mate


tomorrow is your birthday :) happy bday


Love Salena gomes cialis vs cialis

not to be rude I <3 this song and Selena but tis song makes no right she's a super star the song is just like about her bragging bout her perfect life sorry but its true Selena Gomez and she sung this song to tell everybody she's perfect when will generic viagra be available Hapy bday selena

Thank you so so much if you do, I can't tell you how much I'll appreciate it x cialis vs cialis Such a poorly constructed, generic sounding piece of mindless pop garbage

it reapits the images over and over...

Si :c pero mira los dislikes aparecen 569 xD Harry sigue x aqui  cialis vs cialis Hi everyone! : I really love her new album …. ==“Stars Dance” !

Happy Birthday gorgeous amazing Selena!!!! You are so talented and beautiful and an amazing singer! Never stop what you're doing! Love you so much :) have a great 21st! Please please please please come to NZ and do a concert!!!! <3 You're my role model love Hannah (on besties account thanks Sophia! :P) luv ya Selena have an amazing birthday! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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