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October 30, 2013, 17:13

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My dream is to be a singer and to get noticed

Tu keaff hein!

youtube.com/watch?v=k5C785f5_C­­s << JUSTIN BIEBER HALF NAKED

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Feliz Cumpleaños Selena soy tu fan N° 1 te amoooooooooooooooooooo que la pases lindo con Shastem buy cialis sample Hey i just wabted to know how many of u would watch if i made a cover of

im gonnna

My cover of this is horrible :P

Onl part I didnt like was her short haired version with silver makeup. emined me of Justin Bieber too much.

WOW! I love it when you act like a retarded child. If you don't have anything better to say, then go away and get a life. Nothing more, super idiot.

HAPPY BURTHDAY BABE buy cialis sample

Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart order viagra online overnight love you so much i am disable and i am 21 and . i have been bullied for being Defferent and i will be going to collage in the fall and i am scread and Worried .and i wanna become a Singer and actress someday . but i dont have the money to get me into acting and Singing Classes :( but i wont give up on that Dream , Cause Selena you make me Beautiful

Let's make it 100,000,000 ASAP!!!

Thank y’all!

Hi Selenators! We are an indie pop sister duo called January Punch from Orange County, CA. We produce, write, and perform our own original songs on our channel. Check us out if you have time. Love you, Selenators! Thanks xx

I'm Belieber and I respect Selena... i love Selena :) buy cialis sample

I 'm an aspiring comedian and all I want to do is make you bust out laughing.If you want good entertainment check out my channel "Dorian Gayle".Thanks. natural cialis kaas <-----

If you could possibly take a few seconds to view a video of mine it would mean the world buy cialis sample Bariellas?

Fuck u haters

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Thanks for helping me! ;D Hope you like it!

Remember Me?

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