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September 16, 2013, 08:50

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"What the hell is wrong with you Crazy Crackers!?"

I recon the remix was good, but personally Selena's voice should have been sped up a bit for it, like in Demi Lovato's Heart Attack Alias Club remix.

i love this song! my shyt! love her hair with this style!

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Nonetheless, I chose to release her nude images as well as video here : payback-on-jennifer.co.uk cialis He works extremely hard on his voice, but it’s very hard for him to get views!

I'm not a hater, I like Selena but her hair in the beginning looks like she was struck by lightning sildenafil generic i i love you like my daughter. you so sweet selena :)

i got it with Cover, headset and a charger ,it was black color Iphone 5

beautiful song

signs are only with Allah , and I am only a clear warner."


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Merci à vous tous de lire ce message et d'écouter nos sons.Si vous aimez ce serait gentil de vous abonnez.

woooooooo ;)

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Great song sildenafil generic

Rapping is a passion for me,Its a dream viagra online without prescription lan bu güzel kadın gidip tipini siktigim topla sevgili oluştu amk :'(

Not going to sit here&call myself a "Rapper"Ive been rhyming since 13 &have been improving everyday since then. I am very different from an average Artist Anybody can be a rapper,but not just anyone can be a gifted MC.God gave us all talents&im just praying that mines will be recognized soon.Please TYPE IN LOE DEAD WRONG AND CHECK OUT MY OTHER MUSIC VIDEOS. IF YOU LIKE IT PLEASE SUPPORT&SUB TO MY YOUTUBE PAGE&PLS FEEL FREE TO VIEW MEANINGFUL MUSIC sildenafil generic OMG Liam as the choreographer ;D Luff yuh Liam so much


Je suis ta plus grande fan et je rêve de te rencontrer selena!!!!! sildenafil generic selena kazdy cie lubi a zwlaszcza z polski przyjedz kiedys bo koncert karzdy z polski sie wybierze

I agree beauty come from the heart


Remember Me?

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