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July 21, 2013, 19:03

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Portugal LOVES

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Thank y’all!

Happy birthday Selena <3

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the rapper guy with the tattoos? duh google him dude

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Love Selena Gomez Like A Love Song

You are very beautiful

I just had to come here to say how much this song sucks ass! I hear it all the time on the radio, and the chorus is awful! "Love you like a love song baby"? A 5 year old retard could come up with better lyrics than this.

My God... She is so freakin' beautiful.... Rihanna and Katy Perry are the viagra on line

Really beautiful lyrics and vocals if you watch closely it really has deep pfizer cialis online - Even If You Give Me Negativity, Just Because You Listened To My Music Helps!

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OMG i found Selenas reall skype name omg no fake : s_e_l_e_n_a_g_o_m_e_z1

Ill still like Sel(only music), but why break up w/ Justin. on/off cofusion viagra on line color all our blood is (red). No race is better than another. Allow Miley

She's one of the only pop singers who hasn't became a whore she almost did

lol But Im different, and if u give me a chance ill show u

Remember Me?

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