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November 12, 2013, 20:50

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Shes so pretty <3

I love you Selena!!!!!!


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happy 21st birthday to the most talented girl in the world!!!! <333

not to be rude I <3 this song and Selena but tis song makes no right she's a super star the song is just like about her bragging bout her perfect life sorry but its true Selena Gomez and she sung this song to tell everybody she's perfect

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I love this song!!! <3 

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lo ame

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shes so pretty online pharmacy order Im about to cry. What a pretty lady

get me wrong I love all of her songs but I think this one song took her viagra online without prescription um.....

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She's so beautiful :) viagra online without prescription Tenemos que llegar a 200 000 000 Todo por Selena! Tenemos que llegar antes de que sea su cumpleaños!

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Hey guys! I'm trying to surprise my best friend with 500 views on her newest video (a cover of Made in the USA by Demi Lovato) She worked really hard on it, and made a music video to go along with it, as well as getting her twin brother to sing backup vocals!

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